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Sometimes the worst part of getting a tattoo removed is worrying about any scarring that might be left behind. Using PicoSure®, the latest trend in modern aesthetic laser treatments, Dr. Chanda A. Griessel of Triad Ophthalmic Physicians, PLLC can remove virtually any unsightly permanent ink. Visit her office in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, to find out if tattoo removal with PicoSure is right for you.

Tattoo Removal Q & A

How does PicoSure work?

Older aesthetic laser treatments relied heavily on heat to burn or melt away tattoo ink. But this excessive heat left burns and permanent scars. PicoSure is an advanced, modern laser that delivers energy in rapid bursts, lasting only a trillionth of a second each burst. These energy bursts cause tattoo ink to vibrate and shatter, ultimately breaking them apart, so your tattoo disappears. With Picosure, just the ink disappears, putting your skin almost exactly back into its natural state.

Does tattoo removal hurt?

Not much with PicoSure. Since PicoSure doesn’t use only heat to zap away unwanted ink, you shouldn’t feel much pain. Some patients report feeling short snaps with the laser bursts, almost like you’re being snapped with a rubber band. Depending on the area of tattoo removal, you may or may not be a little sensitive to this sensation. This is nothing to worry about though. 

My tattoo is multi-colored. Can it still be removed?

Yes. PicoSure works on all colors, not just black ink. This advanced laser technology works equally as well to remove all tattoos, no matter how many vibrant colors you have inked on your skin.

How many sessions will I need with PicoSure?

It depends, but Dr. Griessel goes over the likely outcome during a consultation exam. While PicoSure is designed to work on all skin tones, as well as all colors of ink, these considerations impact how many session you should expect. Overall, PicoSure patients typically require fewer visits than those who use alternative tattoo removal systems.

What should I expect after my appointment?

You might experience a little swelling and redness for a few hours after your appointment. It’s safe to apply makeup, moisturizer, and even sunscreen to the affected area right after your PicoSure treatment. You’ll be able to go back to your normal routines immediately following a PicoSure treatment — even if that means being outside in the sun or exercising.


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